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My residency class at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute in Chicago. Professor Jules Masserman is seated 3rd from the left

My parents, Anna Lee and Chiu Kui Lim

My residency class at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, with several Directors of Training seated in the front row

The grounds of the Allen Institute of Psychiatry at the McGill University, where I had training in Community Psychiatry (1966-67)

The placard identifying the Institute

My ID when I was doing research in Borneo

On the grounds of the Sarawak Mental Hospital

The Placard identifying the Hospital

The Clients' Charter, Sarawak Mental Hospital

Iban interviewers in Borneo

Me entertaining schoolchildren in Shanghai, around 1985, during a professionaltrip to China

Chinese team leaders in Borneo with Karl Schmidt (3rd from right)

Malay interviewers in Borneo

Karl Schmidt and John Tong in Borneo

Me and Chinese interviewers in a coastal area in Borneo

Me and Karl Schmidt interviewing a Malay woman

Me on the way to a Malay Kampong (village)

Me and Karl Schmidt in an outdoor eatery

Me on public grounds in Kuching, Sarawak

Me on a pepper farm in Sarawak

A Malay Datu (leader) and his daughter (a Dayang)

Me, John Tong and an Iban interviewer

The Astana (Governor's palace) in Sarawak

A Malay coastal village

A typical Malay house, on stilts

Me in front of an Iban Longhouse

Me and the Malay interviewers boarding a boat to go to Malay villages to conduct interviews

The Datu in his house (he made a declaration to the people to please assist us with the research)

Malay coastal village

Me and the Malay interviewers(many of them are out of sight)

Me, Karl Schmidt, and two women with Latah

Malay and Chinese interviewers in a boat

Me and an Iban interviewer

The mental health facility in Gozo, a part of Malta, which I went to visit on a trip to the region

Me and two patients in the mental health clinic in Gozo

Me in my office at the Sunset Terrace Family Health Center, Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY