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About From the Couch to the Jungle

This is the fascinating and informative professional autobiography of Dr. Thomas L. Chiu, a Chinese-born American Psychiatrist who has been on a multicultural career odyssey for more than four decades.

Working in every kind of locale from the jungles of Borneo to the borough of Brooklyn, he has treated patient populations as diverse as Hasidic Jews and Ibans-and of nearly every age, color, religion, and race-in care settings as wide ranging as Mobile Crisis Vans, Family Centers, walk-up apartments, wood longhouses, urban streetcorners, and high-rise hospitals.

Dr. Chiu's unique, rich, and often harrowing experiences treating psychiatric patients, both alone and in healthcare teams, makes for a captivating and instructive look at how a modern psychiatrist practices his profession on multicultural patient populations in diverse settings.

Because Dr. Chiu writes in the first person, giving intimate accounts of his personal experiences, his story brings to life the abstract concepts in textbooks about what it is like to practice multicultural psychiatry in the modern age, and also what it means to be a mental health professional in an era where the average professional can expect to have at least seven different employers over a lifetime. As a result, Dr. Chiu serves as a role model for modern practitioners, providing instruction and inspiration on how to adapt to new and varied professional situations, settings, directives, supervisors, coworkers, and patient populations.

Copyrightę 1998 by Thomas L. Chiu
All rights reserved.
ISBN 1-884092-04-7
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 98-73213
Cover Design: Josh Garfield

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