Essential Readings On Political Terrorism:
Analyses of Problems and Prospects for the 21st Century


About the Authors viii
Editor’s Foreword xi

Part I: Defining Terrorism

H. H. A. Cooper
Terrorism: The Problem of Definition Revisited 1

Danny Goldstick
Defining “Terrorism” 17

T. P. Schwartz
Terror and Terrorism in the Koran 22

Part II: The “Mind of the Terrorist:”
Psychosocial Aspects of Terrorism

Harvey W. Kushner
Suicide Bombers: Business as Usual 35

Jerrold M. Post
Terrorists on Trial: The Context of Political Crime 46

Bruce Hoffman
The Mind of the Terrorist: Perspectives from
Social Psychology 62

Gerald H. Zuk and Carmen Veiga Zuk
Negation Theory as a Cause of Delusion:
The Case of the Unabomber 70

Richard G. Braungart and Margaret M. Braungart
From Protest to Terrorism: The Case of SDS and
The Weathermen 78

Part III: State, Culture and Terrorism

Jessica Stern
Pakistan’s Jihad Culture 119

Lauren Langman and Douglas Morris
Islamic Terrorism: From Retrenchment to
Ressentiment and Beyond 130

Satya R. Pattnayak and Thomas M. Arvanites
Structural Determinants of State Involvement in
International Terrorism 185

Martha Crenshaw
Counterterrorism Policy and the Political Process 203

Jordan Steiker
Federal Habeas and the Death Penalty: Reflections on
The New Habeas Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism and
Effective Death Penalty Act 216

Part IV: Media, Communications and Terrorism

Kelly R. Damphousse and Brent L. Smith
The Internet: A Terrorist Medium for the 21st Century 227

Sean K. Anderson
Warnings Versus Alarms: Terrorist Threat Analysis
Applied to the Iranian State-Run Media 244

Carol Winkler
Presidents Held Hostage: The Rhetoric of
Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan 280

Brigitte Nacos, David Fan and John Young
Terrorism and the Print Media: The 1985 TWA
Hostage Crisis 294

Part V: The Victims of Terrorism

Cheryl Koopman
Political Psychology as a Lens for Viewing
Traumatic Events 306

JoAnn Difede, William J. Apfeldorf, Marylene Cloitre,
Lisa A. Spielman and Samuel W. Perry
Acute Psychiatric Responses to the Explosion at the
World Trade Center: A Case Series 327

Charles C. Engel, Jr., Xian Liu, Brian D. McCarthy,
Ronald F. Miller and Robert Ursano
Relationship of Physical Symptoms to Posttraumatic
Stress Disorder Among Veterans Seeking Care for
Gulf War-Related Health Concerns 334

Part VI: Chemical and Biological
Warfare Agents and Terrorism

Ellen Raber, Alfred Jin, Kathleen Noonan,
Ray McGuire and Robert D. Kirvel
Decontamination Issues for Chemical and Biological
Warfare Agents: How Clean Is Clean Enough? 349

Eric R. Swanson and David E. Fosnocht
Anthrax Threats: A Report of Two Incidents from
Salt Lake City 379

Steven Kuhr and Jerome M. Hauer
The Threat of Biological Terrorism in the
New Millennium 386

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