Richard Altschuler & Associates, Inc.

Customized Book Publishing
Fiction & General Nonfiction • Scholarly Monographs

Want to control the look and feel of your published book? Direct the marketing plan? Retain almost all income from sales instead of a 5-15% royalty rate? Then consider subsidizing the publication of your book through our customized book publishing service.

In addition to physically manufacturing your book in a paperback or hardback format, we can provide you with one or more of the following services, as you desire: expertly edit your manuscript, design your book jacket or cover, help you market your book, assign you an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), obtain a Library of Congress number for you, and provide you with a publishing imprint.

For more information, contact the publisher, Richard Altschuler & Associates, Inc., at 212-397-7233,, or 100 West 57th Street, Ste. 2M, New York, NY 10019.

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